New Student Health Insurance program website coming soon

Wake Forest University is committed to the health and well-being of all of its students. Students who are not currently ensured may enroll in the Student Blue plan.

Health Insurance is required* as a condition of enrollment for:

  • Full-time, degree-seeking domestic undergraduate students in Wake Forest College
  • Degree-seeking domestic graduate students* in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Divinity, School of Business and School of Law
  • International students with F or J visas
  • Undergraduate students who are degree-seeking students who only need part-time status to compete their degree

Students who are covered under their own insurance plan or a parent’s plan, that meets the University’s criteria (found here), may elect to waive the Student Blue plan.  Students must enroll or waive prior to the fall semester each year, as the benefits period is 8/1 – 7/31.

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E-MAIL *Recommended*


To Confirm Policy Benefits
Call Student Blue at 1 (800) 579-8022

Student Health Insurance Office
P.O. Box 7312
1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

9A Reynolda Hall

Ann Madigan
Student Insurance Program Administrator
Finance and Operations, Campus Life

    2022-23 Student Blue Open Enrollment

  • Premiums

    $2,834 annual
    $,1417 per semester.

  • Required: Enroll or Waive Coverage

    The insurance election process is an annual process, always held prior to the academic year. The portal will open June 1, 2022 for new students to enroll or waive. This step is required for all new students.

  • New Students: Steps to Creating a Student Blue Account

    All students will need to create a Student Blue account in order to request enrollment or waiver. Once the Student Blue account is created, it will house all communications from Blue Cross Blue Shield in the account message center, and allow for follow up regarding your enrollment or waiver status. This account will be used each year for the enrollment in or waiver from Student Blue. Please retain the Student Blue user id and password for future reference.

    Steps to create an account:

    Visit the webpage – (or if outside of the United States)

    • Based on your election, you may choose – Enrollment > Enroll Now OR Waiver > Request A Waiver
    • The next step is to create a Student Blue account as a NEW USER.
    • Once the account is created, follow the prompts to complete the enrollment or application for waiver.

    If the election is for enrollment, the health insurance premium will remain on the student account, and cards will begin mailing mid-July for the 8/1 plan year start.

    If the election is for waiver, a credit will be issued within 7 days to the student account. The waiver will remain in place for the entire academic year. If the insurance used to waive changed during the academic year, please submit your updated insurance information to