Wake Forest requires health insurance for all full-time enrolled students. Students must elect to either enroll in the insurance program or request to waive enrollment if they carry comparable personal health insurance meeting the criteria set by WFU (detailed below).

The enrollment or waiver election may be made starting November 1 – January 31 by visiting studentbluenc.com/wfu


To Enroll for Coverage

  • If you are a returning student who participated in the program last year, you will need to re-enroll this year during the open period.
  • Once enrollment is submitted online, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will send an email confirming the receipt of your information and enrollment election.
  • 2023-2024 Premiums: $2,858 or $1,429 per semester
  • Final rates may be revised after review by the North Carolina Department of Insurance


To Waive Coverage

  • You will need your current insurance ID card handy along with your Student ID to complete the waiver.
  • Once you complete the waiver application online, BCBSNC will send an email confirming the receipt of your waiver application. Please note that this email is only confirmation of the receipt of your insurance information, and the waiver request may be subject to further review to ensure compliance with the University criteria (noted below).
  • If at any time the waiver information is found to be invalid, the waiver can be denied.
  • In order to receive a credit for the health insurance premium on the student account, a waiver must be submitted, and a credit to the student account can be expected within seven (7) business days of submission.