Enrollment and Waiver Criteria

Enrollment and Waiver Criteria

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Wake Forest requires health insurance for all full-time enrolled students.  Students must elect to either enroll in the insurance program or request to waive enrollment if they carry comparable personal health insurance meeting the criteria set by WFU (detailed below). The enrollment or waiver election may be made at any time prior to 08/31 by visiting www.bcbsnc.com/wfu.

Creating a Student Blue account

All new students will need to create a Student Blue account in order to request enrollment or waiver. Once the Student Blue account is created, it will house all communications from Blue Cross Blue Shield in the account message center, and allow for follow up regarding your enrollment or waiver status. This account will be used each year for the enrollment in or waiver from Student Blue. Please retain the Student Blue user id and password for future reference.

Steps to create an account:

Visit the webpage – www.bcbsnc.com/wfu

Based on your election, you may choose – Enrollment, Enroll Now OR Waiver, Request a Waiver

The next step is to create a Student Blue account as a NEW USER.

Once the account is created, follow the prompts to complete the enrollment or application for waiver.


Please enroll at this time at www.bcbsnc.com/wfu.  Failure to enroll online will delay activation of your coverage and receipt of ID cards until after the August 1 deadline. Merely paying your student bill with the insurance charge DOES NOT automatically activate your SIP coverage. If your are a current member of the Student Blue plan and wish to continue coverage for 2019-2020, you will need to visit the website and actively enroll for the new benefits year, as your coverage will not automatically continue. Once enrollment is submitted online, BCBSNC will send an email confirming the receipt of your information and enrollment election, as the Student Blue plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Please retain your Student Blue account login and password for future use during periods of open enrollment.


Please do so at this time by visiting www.bcbsnc.com/wfu. You will need your current insurance ID card handy along with your Student ID to complete the waiver. Once you complete the waiver application online, BCBSNC will send an email confirming the receipt of your waiver application. Please note that this email is only confirmation of the receipt of your insurance information, and the waiver request may be subject to further review to ensure compliance with the University criteria (noted below). If at any time the waiver information is found to be invalid, the waiver can be denied. In order to receive a credit for the health insurance premium on the student account, a waiver must be submitted, and a credit to the student account can be expected within 7 business days of submission. Please retain your Student Blue account login and password for future use during periods of open enrollment.

Criteria for Waiver:

  1. Have a lifetime maximum benefit of at least $1,000,000. Plans with per incident, per illness or maximums that are less than the lifetime maximum are not acceptable
  2. Provide access to health care providers in the Winston-Salem, NC area (Reynolda campus students) or Charlotte, NC area (Charlotte campus students) for emergency and non-emergency conditions, including mental health care. If you have an HMO and Winston-Salem, NC (Reynolda campus students) or Charlotte, NC (Charlotte campus students) is out-of-network, your coverage doesn’t meet our criteria. If your HMO offers guest privileges, you must contact your insurer to receive guest privileges and do so prior to waiving coverage
  3. Provide prescription drug benefits
  4. Remain in effect while enrolled at WFU

Wake Forest University requires all students to be enrolled in a health plan that is filed and approved in the U.S. and compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Plans marketed solely to international students are often not filed and approved in the U.S, or compliant with the ACA, and do not meet the Wake Forest University insurance requirements. GBG Insurance, HDL Global Specialty, ISO, PGH (United), PSI, Student Medicover, and Tata AIG are examples of companies that do not meet the waiver requirements.  Travel and Sickness Plans will not be accepted. Plans that meet the requirements are generally plans offered through US employment or purchased through the local state marketplace.

International students with F or J visas will not have the option to waive from the Student Blue plan online and are eligible for waiver only if they are covered by a plan reviewed and approved by the University based on the criteria above. International students will need to email their insurance policy to sip@nullwfu.edu to have it reviewed, and the Student Insurance office will advise if the plan is acceptable for a waiver, or if enrollment into Student Blue is required.

2021-22 Cost of Coverage

  • Annually: $2,724
  • Per semester: $1,362

Final rates may be revised after review by the North Carolina Department of Insurance

*A portion of the cost of the Student Insurance Program is retained by Wake Forest University to pay for student health services supplied by WFU and administrative costs. The State of North Carolina no longer allows “age-banding” of premiums within individual products (i.e., Student Blue, BCBSNC plan), therefore there is one charge to all subscribers.  All charges for the Student Insurance Program, including reserve funds, are retained by Wake Forest University solely for the purposes of funding plan expenses and/or for the equitable and non-discriminatory benefit of plan participants.

REFUND POLICY: There are no premium refunds except for students entering full-time active duty in any Armed Forces.

Student Blue and Coronavirus Update


E-MAIL *Recommended*


To Confirm Policy Benefits
Call Student Blue at 1 (800) 579-8022

Student Health Insurance Office
P.O. Box 7312
1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27109

9A Reynolda Hall

Ann Madigan
Student Insurance Program Administrator
Finance and Operations, Campus Life